Horry County Schools thinking big picture for school district

Horry County Schools thinking big picture for school district

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Horry County School Board met Monday evening to discuss its five-year plan.

The meeting consisted mostly of presentations given to the board discussing statistics and numbers relating to things like population, growth and finances.

"The goal of the meeting was to educate the board and also get feedback from the board to the facilities department and the superintendent where we might want to be or might want to go," school board chairman Joe Defeo said.

Defeo sees the five-year plan as an opportunity.

"I would like to see us build a new Horry education center," he said. "Or as it's called the alternative school. That was in the plan four or five years ago. It was pushed back. I don't want to see it pushed back again. I want to see us to see them build the building. The best way to close the achievement gap is to take the low and move them up, not to try and take the high and move them higher."

Defeo also says since the county is growing, there's a chance a new school may need to be built.

"Five or six years down the road, I anticipate having to build another school," he said. "At least one school. And I could see it being in the Carolina Forest area."

But that would be easier said than done, especially if the new school were a high school

"The biggest problem would be if we had to build a high school in six, seven, eight, nine years, and I think that's nine years down the road, but a high school at today's prices is probably $100 million," Defeo said.

The five-year plan will be brought to the facilities and finance committees soon, but there's no word on whether they will make any decisions on the plan.

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