'Just God bless them all:' Galivants Ferry deaths shock community

'Just God bless them all:' Galivants Ferry deaths shock community

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Police are calling it a homicide after the bodies of two siblings were found in a home in the Galivants Ferry area Thursday night.

According to police, Porscha and Dexter Cobb, a brother and sister, were killed in their home on Twilight Road around 6:30 p.m. Thursday. On Friday, devastated neighbors who know the victims' mother are trying to make sense of the tragedy. .

"She doesn't deserve this; nobody does," said Jess, who knew the victims. "To come home and find your children like that, there are other ways."

"I was scared," said Jackie, who also knows the victims. "Just thinking about Ms. Judy and what a wonderful woman she is. Her Porscha leaves three kids behind and I think it's just horrible."

Jess and Jackie say Porscha and Dexter Cobb were good people and didn't deserve to die. They were shocked the moment they heard the news.

"She (Ms. Judy) is just as sweet as she can be and so are the kids," said Jackie. "Everybody has their flaws but on the whole, it's a good family. They're not bad people. You don't hear much from over there or anything."

Jess responds with a blank stare on her face.

"I mean, we knew these people. We saw them often," she said. "Just God bless them all."

Jackie agrees.

"If they're anything I can do for them, I hope they holler at me," she said.

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