State could see impacts to crops following Irma

State could see impacts to crops following Irma

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Cotton, corn, tobacco and peanuts may be threatened due to the fringe impacts of Hurricane Irma.

Randolph Rogers farms more than 8,000 acres just outside of Hartsville. He said he had minimal impact to his crops. He said he harvested corn Sunday night before the storm hit; if he didn't, the storm would have ruined his crop.

Rogers said although he was lucky, other farmers could have had some serious impacts.

Rogers said that impacts from Irma were "very minimal, winds were not that high. In some places were the wind was higher you would see more damage than what we saw. A lot of ours [cotton plants] were later planted and not much of it was opened. We are very lucky."

The impacts vary based on when crops were planted.

For example, if peanuts were in the drying phases, they could have been ruined by flooding. If cotton was already open and budding, it could have been blown away by the wind.

"It didn't ruin our peanuts from what we can tell - the cotton depending on when it was planted and how mature it was. There was some damage to cotton that was open. But cotton there was a little damage. The wind may have tangled it up but it will straighten out and be alright," Rogers said.

Rogers said because there was not an overall major impact to peanuts and cotton you shouldn't notice a change in price at the store.

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