Horry County working to bring recycling rate up

Horry County working to bring recycling rate up

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County officials say the recycling rate is not where it should be.

The average person recycles two pounds per day, compared to the nearly five pounds of trash thrown away. So Horry County is taking a few initiatives to spread awareness about how important it is to recycle.

There are 24 staffed drop off centers in Horry County where you can bring your recyclables - that's anything from paper, plastics, glass, metal, yard and food waste - almost anything. The drop off centers are free.

Now, the county itself doesn't provide services to come pick up your recycling, but if you don't want to bring your waste to a drop off center, there are private haulers you can look into that you can pay to take your recyclables if your town or city doesn't do it for you.

Part of the county's initiative to spread awareness about recycling involves going to schools and businesses to talk about the importance of recycling and how you can do it.

The county actually has a few recycling programs your business or school can participate in.

"Comingle is our word of the day. It means mix together," said Kendra Hooks, Coordinator of Recycling Programs. "Cardboard, newspaper, magazines, plastic jug bottles, metals cans, can all be mixed together in these business' recycling containers, and it's an eight-yard container, so it's a fairly large container, and we'll come by and collect it."

That's a free service for businesses and schools.

The county can't provide a pick-up service for residents simply due to the size of the area, but If you want to find out the closest drop off center to you, below is a list of all recycling centers in the county from the Horry County Solid Waste Authority - their locations, directions to them, phone numbers for them, and the days that they are closed:

#1 NMB - Highway 90-across from NMB Middle School - 399-4277 - Wednesday

#2 Loris Swap Shop - SC 9 two miles east of Loris near Campbell's Chainsaw Business - 756-2277 - Wednesday

#3 Mount Olive - SC 9-near Green Sea Floyds High School - 392-1277 - Tuesday

#4 McDowell Shortcut - TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION - Click here or more information. - Off Highway 707 between US-17 Bypass, St. James Elementary & Middle Schools (from US-17 Bypass turn at Pelican, turn right when you get to the dirt road) - 651-2771 - Tuesday

#5 Aynor - 0.4 miles from intersection of Hwy 319 and Bill Jones Road in Cool Spring community - 358-3277 - Tuesday/Open Thur. 1-7pm

#6 Socastee - Off Highway 544 west of Waterway, turn onto Pine Hollow Road, take right at Leisure Lane, then left onto Jones Road. Center is next to substation - 903-5792 - Open every day

#7 Homewood Swap Shop - Highway 701- North of Conway in front of SC Department of Highways and Public Transportation - 365-7338 - Tuesday

#8 Landfill - Four miles northeast of Conway, next to SWA Administrative Office at 1886 Hwy 90 - 347-1406 - Open 7am-7pm every day

#9 Ketchuptown - Near intersection of SC 23 (Nichols Highway) and Lake Swamp Road - 392-2277 - Sun./Tues.Thurs./Fri.

#10 Recycle Road - One quarter mile north of Sureway Grocery on Recycle Road - 365-8277 - Wednesday

#11 Red Bluff - SC-905 near Red Bluff Crossroads, just north of Branton's Grocery - 365-2770 - Tuesday

#12 Jackson Bluff Swap Shop - Off of SC 544 on Jackson Bluff Road, across from Grand Strand Water & Sewer Office - 347-1277 - Tuesday

#13 Longs - SC 9 beside Longs Fire Station - 399-5277 - Tuesday

#14 Kate's Bay Road - Secondary Rt. 29 (Kate's Bay Highway) approximately 4 miles south of Conway - 397-4277 - Tuesday

#15 Browntown - Hwy. 548 (Four mile Road) near Sandy Acres Mobile Home Park (between Highway 501/Juniper Bay Road) - 365-6156 - Wed. Open Fri, 1-7pm

#16 Sarvis - Secondary Rt. 45, 2 miles west of Highway 701N (turn at Allsbrook Grocery Store) - 756-5824 - Tues./Thurs.

#17 Toddville - 701 South (4.5 miles out of Conway city limits) on Flossie Road - 397-1449 - Tues./Thurs.

#18 Brooksville - On Highway 111 near intersection with Highway 57 in the Brooksville Community - 399-6282 - Tues./Thurs.

#19 Dorman's Swap Shop - Near the intersection of Adrian Highway (SC 97) and Highway 19 - 365-9048 - Sun./Wed. Open Fri, 1-7pm

#20 Bucksport - Highway 701 south near Bucksport Fire Station, 8.5 miles out of Conway city limits. - 397-9792 - Sun./Wed. Open Fri, 1-7pm

#21 Duford - Toward the town of Duford, turn right on Duford Rd. 1 mi. past Wanamaker Church, turn right n Pinckney Rd., about 1.3 mi. - 392-9792 - Sun./Wed./Fri.

#22 Dog Bluff - Jordanville Road - Aynor, about 1 mi. past Aynor Elementary School - 358-9792 - Sun./Wed. Open Fri, 1-7pm

#23 Scipio Lane - Off Holmestown Rd between Hwy 707 and 17 Bypass - next to Horry County South Strand Complex - 650-9792 - Thurs.

#24 Carolina Forest - On International Drive between Ocean Bay Elementary and Horry County Fire Station - 903-4792 - Thurs.

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