Jumping on board

Jumping on board

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Trey Ingram spent his summers growing up at the beach. While enjoying the fellowship of family, he picked up a new passion, skateboarding.

"It gave me something to do, It kept me active. Kind of kept me out of trouble. It was a good outlet for energy and creativity," said Daville Skate Shop owner Trey Ingram

While the sport was a friend of Trey's during grade school. It wasn't the only connection he made.

"My best friend I grew up skating with, We still talk to this day. He's still out rippin."

Trey has made plenty of friends by grinding rails and dropping in. Now he's giving back through his Friends of the Skateparks Foundation.

"We're able to get to the at risk youth. The kids that don't have somebody telling them what to do. Here's something positive you can do with your energy. And it really comes down to being able to keep kids out of trouble and give them a positive outlet."

While the non-profit has lent a helping hand. Some skaters on the Grandstrand have been kicked to the curb.

"They've kind of been neglected when you compare it to other cities in South Carolina like Charleston and Columbia. They got a $4.8 million park in Charleston. Myrtle Beach is still sitting here with Matt Hughes (skate park) that hasn't been changed in 20 years."

Trey's main goal is to minister to others through a sport that has progressed all the way to the Olympic Games. He's also trying to raise funds for a state of the art park in our area.

"Can you imagine being able to go down somewhere in Myrtle to go take your kid to skate and then being able to take an elevator up to a second story air conditioned area where you can just view your kid skating all day? Skate all day in the comfort of air conditioning. That would be nice," said Trey Ingram.

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