The strength of the storm shows in Garden City after Irma is long gone

The strength of the storm shows in Garden City after Irma is long gone

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) -  The scene Tuesday morning looks a lot different from Monday's flooded Atlantic Avenue in Garden City that Hurricane Irma left behind as it roared through the Grand Strand.

Roads on the South Strand began to flood even before the tide came in around noon Monday. A lot of neighbors were worried the flooding would get worse and would be the same story overnight, however, that didn't seem to be the case.

Lack of dunes on the southern end of Waccamaw Drive didn't help keep the ocean water from reaching the roads, and some neighbors lined their porches with sandbags to avoid any water from getting into their house.

"Bottom line is the dunes are not here and we're going to have to eat the water," said James Reed, a neighbor who lives along S Waccamaw Drive.

Shug McMaster, who lives next door to Reed, says some of her neighbors were too afraid to stay considering they didn't know what the storm would bring. "My neighbors here are petrified because of what it would do and how much property they could lose," said McMaster.

The tide came in around midnight, but ponding seemed to be the only issue out on the roads Tuesday morning.

A "Squid's Seafood" sign was picked up by the strong, gusty winds, and tossed across the street, where it lay jammed in between a railing and a newspaper stand.

Palms, sticks, and tiles to the roof of the Garden City Inn are just some samples of the debris that litter the streets of the Garden City area today, showing just how strong Hurricane Irma still was after being downgraded in strength as it traveled up the eastern side of the United States.

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