Some Garden City businesses, residents take precaution ahead of Irma’s fringe effects in our area

Some Garden City businesses, residents take precaution ahead of Irma’s fringe effects in our area

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) - While we're not seeing a direct impact from Hurricane Irma, people in Garden City are bracing themselves for the storm's fringe effects.

On Atlantic Avenue in Garden City most businesses are closed, covered and sandbagged.

But for those that are open, the common concern is possible power outages.

Some businesses say they're stocked up on flashlights and batteries just in case the strong winds and rain knock power out.

For another back up plan, a lot of people are also making sure they have their generators handy.

While area schools are closed today, businesses like Sam's Corner are keeping their doors open.

One of the employees there has been living here since Hurricane Hugo, so he claims the fringe effects we're having with Irma are nothing to worry about.

But businesses like the Garden City Grocery have sandbags up against their doors and the Atlantic Beachwear's doors are boarded up.

As for homeowners, they're bracing for impacts.

Since the weekend, many have removed loose items from around their houses, and made sure they're keeping their cars covered or in the garage.

On the other hand, people are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew.

And with Garden City being one of the hardest hit, a lot of people are relieved we are only seeing those fringe effects from Irma.

While our area will still see heavy rains, strong wind, and a possible tornado threat, people living and working in Garden City are thankful it's not much worse.

They say for a while they just knew we were going to take a devastating hit from Irma.

So instead of waiting until the last minute to make preparations like most say they did with Matthew, a lot of people were ready to face the fact that the state of South Carolina would need to evacuate.

But now that that's not the case, people are breathing easy.

One man who lives in Garden City says he instantly felt a sense of happiness when he saw that Irma had taken a drastic shift away from our area and he didn't have to figure out what he needed to do with his animals.

During Hurricane Matthew he evacuated, and came back to 26 inches of water in his home.

But while he's sitting back without any worries, Horry County Public Works employees are taking precautions.

"We've been here making sure everything like garbage, ground debris and removing benches and shower heads just making sure everything is secured so nothing can float into the ocean," Public Works Employee Shawn Taylor said.

WMBF News also want to remind you that your safety is our main concern.

Public works crews are removing things for a reason.

So because of the conditions, try to stay away from the beach altogether but if you can't help yourselves do not get in any further than knee deep.

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