Officials urge residents to know their evacuation routes in Horry County

Officials urge residents to know their evacuation routes in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -  Evacuations for the state of South Carolina have not been ordered by the governor, but there are some things you need to know if that order is made.

The storm track is still developing, but Cpl. Sonny Collins with South Carolina Highway Patrol and other state officials are urging everyone to know their evacuation routes and how important it is to stick to them.

The governor said during his press conference on Thursday that the evacuation routes in place have been tested and are proven to work to alleviate traffic.

"Understand that the speed in which those cars will be on those highways will be reduced, just because of the number of cars out there - so, plan accordingly, understand it's going to take a little bit longer to get to your destination, but have a destination in mind," said Collins.

Residents in the area from North Myrtle Beach, north of Briarcliffe Acres will take SC-9 north to I-95.

Moving south, from Briarcliffe Acres to Mr. Joe White Avenue in Myrtle Beach, take SC-22 to US 501 in Marion. From there, take SC-76 to get to I-95 south, or take SC-38 to get to I-95 north.

Next, from Mr. Joe White Ave in Myrtle Beach to the airport, evacuees must take US-501 to Conway. From there, you can either take US-378 to Columbia or continue on US-501 to Marion, which will eventually take you to I-95.

Evacuees from the airport and down through Surfside Beach should know to take SC-544, to US-501 in Conway, which will eventually get you to I-95.

Lastly, Garden City Beach moving south to Winyah Bay, evacuees should take US-17 south through Georgetown. Then, take US-521 to SC-261, which will eventually take you to US-378 in Columbia.

"In past hurricanes, when that order has come, we do start to see all that traffic start to move out at one time. So, if you're looking at the storm and you feel like it's something you're going to want to leave for, you don't have to wait for that evacuation order to come," he said.

An evacuation has not been called yet. The forecast is still rapidly changing. The governor is holding a press conference Friday at 2 p.m.

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