Entertainment complex known as The Boulevard replaces Banditos on Ocean Boulevard

Entertainment complex known as The Boulevard replaces Banditos on Ocean Boulevard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Developers of a new entertainment complex set to replace Banditos on Ocean Boulevard are hoping for local residents' business when the site opens in April.

The 55,000-square-foot glass building is located right between the Yachtsman and the new Hilton timeshare building on Ocean Boulevard.

Back in April, the Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board gave the OK to tear down Banditos, but denied the original designs.

Recently, approval was given to aesthetic changes like brighter exterior colors, which is why locals are seeing construction start right now.

The renderings for the new building show a modern look to the boardwalk. One of the partners in the development said they wanted to design a structure that would be major step in helping to revitalize the area, yet offer something for everyone in a convenient, walkable location.

Tin Roof, a Nashville-based venue, is going to cover the entire third floor of the new building. It will feature food, a full bar, live music and a rooftop patio.

Most have heard of Burger Fi before. A location is going to have a space on the ground floor of the complex. It will also have a full bar.

Papa's Raw Bar, out of Florida, will add a Bahamian flair to the complex, and feature seafood, and more than 100 beers.

The new development will include a ground floor retail store selling light groceries, beach essentials, fashionable brands and sundries.

For all coffee lovers,  a national coffee franchise is likely to sign a lease agreement in the coming weeks.

Builders are also looking to lease spaces to two more businesses.

"I think we're really excited to see this area of the beach being improved. We love to see what the guys, the team down at Riptydz have done. They've done a fantastic job," said Brian Macho, a partner of the project. "There's a new timeshare property coming right next to us. There's a lot of improvements that's coming to the streetscape in the area. In general, with this development, I think we're all excited to see that."

While the total cost for the project is unknown, one of the partners for the new entertainment complex said it's expected to bring in hundreds of jobs.

"We anticipate probably about 200 jobs added between the restaurant users, the retail users and security for the building," Macho said.

There's no exact date and time, but a groundbreaking ceremony is expected to be held in the upcoming weeks.

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