Businesses doing better during second half of summer

Businesses doing better during second half of summer

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Labor Day has come and gone, but local businesses will continue to strive for that increase in sales come the end of this year.

Local businesses told WMBF news they did better sales wise during the second half of the summer than they did the first.

Manager at the Gay Dolphin Gift Shop, Michelle Kerscher, said for the month of July, it matched the sales it saw last year. Kerscher said the eclipse being at the end of August helped business, too. The Gay Dolphin is on track to be up 8 percent in sales this year than last.

Kerscher said more of a presence on social media can be to thank for that increase in sales. The Gay Dolphin is trying to reach out to those who may not know about the gift shop and remind those who may have forgot.

However, it wasn't difficult for The Gay Dolphin to do better for Labor Day this year because Kerscher said last year a tropical storm hit for the holiday weekend, putting a lull on business.

The owner of The Bowery said in July his numbers weren't matching up to the numbers he saw the year before, but after the barricades came down at the end of the month, that seemed to have helped.

One thing the Bowery is looking forward to is the shoulder season, or months on the front and back ends of summer. The Bowery said business for the shoulder seasons seems to get better and better each year.

Kerscher said one of the things that can affect the shoulder season is weather. She said September and October tend to come with significant storms, and if they do hit, they can really impact business.

The shoulder season serves as one last opportunity for businesses to get their sales up before the end of the year.

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