Myrtle Beach officer involved shooting dampers Labor Day Weekend

Myrtle Beach officer involved shooting dampers Labor Day Weekend

Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) - "You just hear, "Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop."

"There's cops chasing people through the parking lot. There's been gunshots."

Chaos at Mystic Sea Motel in Myrtle beach happened just before midnight last night as police searched for a person who almost struck a security guard with his car, less than a mile away.

Donna Hawley was vacationing from West Virginia.

"There was all the police and they dragged him out of the car and laid him down on the concrete."

Witnesses tell me police were right behind the suspect as he drove into Mystic Sea's parking lot, smashing into guest's cars in the process of trying to arrest the man, officers fired their weapons, according to Myrtle Beach Police.

"One person has been transported to the Hospital at this time for treatment," said Captain Joey Crosby of the Myrtle Beach Police Department. "As per our protocol, the South Carolina Enforcement Division has been contacted and they're responding to the scene to conduct an independent investigation in this incident."

Sterling Lawrence works for the Mystic Sea Motel and comments on guest relations.

"They were mad at us because they thought we had something to do with this," he said. "But they're saying, "Did you see what happened?", and all you can say is yeah I did."

But some of the guests are just happy to be safe on this Holiday weekend.

"He wasn't staying here," said Kimberly Watts, vacationing from West Virginia. "This is a safe resort. They have security 24/7."

Carlos Crique, vacationing from Norfolk, Virginia agrees.

"The fact that no bullets went the direction of the homes in the first room, I'm just thankful everybody was able to talk about it."

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