Tropical system strength leads to ocean swimming ban for Monday

Tropical system strength leads to ocean swimming ban for Monday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A "no swim" advisory was issued for Horry County and Myrtle Beach on Monday as a tropical system made its way to the Grand Strand.

"We have all the lifeguards on duty, all the managers, supervisors ready to act and respond. However, we try to be proactive. A good lifeguard is a dry lifeguard. So, as long as people don't go into the water, it's better for everybody," Lack's Beach Service quality control manager, Libor Jedlicka, said.

Lack's employs the lifeguards for Myrtle Beach. Jedlicka said around 50 people have been rescued or pulled from the ocean this year, and lifeguards weren't planning for it to happen on Monday.

A double-red-flag warning was issued around 1 p.m. Monday. North Myrtle Beach only issued a single-red-flag, meaning no swimming deeper than knee-deep.

Jedlicka and the Horry County spokeswoman said the biggest worry with the tropical system was increased rip currents and rough surf.

A group from New Hampshire said they planned to swim in the rough surf.

However, Jedlicka said if a person enters the water during a double-red flag, they will be asked to get out of the water.  If he or she doesn't comply, beach patrol will be called.

Surfers are the only ones allowed in the water during a double-red flag.

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