Florence County looks for school district partnership to build community center

Florence County looks for school district partnership to build community center

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There is a push to build a community center in Florence County, but there is a small hold up.

The county and Florence School District Four are trying to arrive to an agreement to get the project up and running.

The Florence County Council is asking the school district for a piece of vacant land along West Market street to build that new facility.

The now vacant and overgrown property used to house the old Timmonsville High School. Not long ago, the district spent $200,000 to demolish the school.

Florence county would like for the district to donate the land for the use of this project.

"If we got the land at no cost. We could put a lot more into the building. If we must pay for the land it's going to reduce the amount of facility, we can do," Florence County Council Chairman Kent Caudle said.

The project must be built because it was included in the second capital sales project referendum. Details are still being fine-tuned, it's not clear how the space will look and how it will function.

We know the facility could serve as a multi-sport recreation center.

Florence County Council said the goal of getting the new community center up is to give the town its first community meeting center.

"We could build about a $700,000 facility without borrowing any additional money or anything like that. We just thought it makes sense, since that property has been abandoned by the school district. We would take it over, maintain it and put this center there for the citizens," Caudle said.

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