Hundreds gather for service honoring CresCom victim

Hundreds gather for service honoring CresCom victim

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -Hundreds of people attended the celebration of Donna Majors life on Sunday. Family, friends, law enforcement officers, and Conway city officials packed the New Spring Church in Myrtle Beach to honor the Conway Mother.

"She was just a sweet person who would do anything for you who always had a smile on her face. Loved her family, loved her children, loved her husband. And enjoyed the people that she worked with," said Pamela Anderson.

Major was killed on August 21, when Brandon Council held up the CresCom Bank and shot and killed Major and Katie Skeen.

Major leaves behind her husband, three kids, and three grandchildren. Family members told stories about Donna at the service. Her daughter, who lives down the street from Donna said she will miss seeing her golf cart drive away as she screams "I love you". Her husband said he'll miss her warm smile.

"She had a great smile. She was just a beautiful woman," said Ernest Anderson.

"I can picture her whenever he walked in her smiling at him and talking to him. I can just picture that," said Pamela Anderson.

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