How much homework help to give your child

How much homework help to give your child

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Back to school means back to homework, and this can be a rough area for some children outside the classroom.

Teachers give students homework with the assumption that it will come back and be completed by the child, but some teachers have homework turned in and they can tell it has been done completely by the parent.

Sara Lacaria, a former teacher, said you should only do as much as the teacher would do to avoid altering the way your child learns.

Knowing your child's learning style can be one way to help walk them through their homework without doing it for them. Lacaria said if your child learns best through reading and writing, and you are doing the work for them, that won't help them at all. Some children are auditory learners, meaning the best way they learn something is through hearing it, while others may be visual.

If the parent is solely doing the work, or even half of it, that's when parents should know to pump the brakes. The child needs to be able to grow academically and if the parent is doing all the homework, that will prevent the child from growing.

"Well it completely stunts them academically. If the parent is doing it for them, that would essentially be like if they're in the classroom and the teacher does everything for them. You're not seeing any growth in the student because you don't know what they can do."

However, if you find yourself and your child struggling on getting that homework done, there are some resources you can turn to that will make the experience a little bit easier. Other parents or school administrators may be of help, or even another child. Lacaria said peer tutoring may help your child more than you are able to in some cases.

"Education is a collaborative experience. Parents should use other parents, they should use other students. Peer tutoring is fantastic," Lacaria said, "If you have a child and they have a friend in school, that friend might be able to help them way more than you can because they're going to be on a child to child level."

YouTube may also be another helpful source.

If your child is struggling, always provide any help you can. There is not an age that you should stop providing help.

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