Delayed no more: North Myrtle Beach High School opens Friday

Delayed no more: North Myrtle Beach High School opens Friday

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There are signs of construction in almost every square foot of North Myrtle Beach High School.

However, it will be transformed Friday morning, as the school will finally be back in session. Originally scheduled to open Wednesday, construction and approved inspection delayed the opening bell.

Principal Trevor Strawderman was among those who lent a helping hand on Thursday to get the school ready for students.

"We're just doing some last-minute cleaning and we're excited. We've been looking forward to this day for awhile," Strawderman said.

Students were anxious for the day.

"I'm excited; I'm tired of waiting," sophomore Katelin Downey said with a smile on her face.

"It's new, so that'll be a new change," said junior Kayla Henley.

Some, however, are already looking past that first day of class.

"I'm excited to get this year over with," said senior Tanner Collins. "I guess this is going to be weird because it's my last year of high school. This is probably my time to enjoy it as much as I can, but at the same time, I'm ready to do other things in life."

Strawderman noted he heard all the frustration from the community regarding the delay.

"I know the last couple days have been an inconvenience to everybody, us included, the faculty and staff, but we see the end result and as I'm telling people here, in a few weeks, this is just going to be a memory," he said.

Parent Dawn McClendon was one who looked at the positive side.

"Well, it's always good when the summer ends and you get back to a normal routine, so pretty excited to get him going again," McClendon said.

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