New school, old traffic: Horry County Schools transportation director speaks out

New school, old traffic: Horry County Schools transportation director speaks out

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Wednesday was the first day of school for many in Horry County.

One of the schools that welcomed students was the brand new St. James Intermediate School. With it comes a new transportation system as well.

Jim Wright, the director of transportation for Horry County Schools, is confident the traffic and transportation issues will be a thing of the past as the school year continues to progress.

He addressed the new routines and patterns bus drivers will have to get used to. Wright also said putting more kids on buses will not solve the transportation issues among Horry County schools.

"I met with all the bus drivers for the St. James area this morning," Wright said. "We loaded them up to make sure they knew exactly which way they need to be going. We've already done that one time, but we did that before they finished the road. It makes it challenging for our drivers, but they do a fantastic job of adapting. Tomorrow, it will get better. Monday, it should smooth out. It's really no different than any other start of the school year. What is unique this year is it's a new school. It's brand new. It's going to be different for everybody."

Local parents agreed.

"Everything went smoothly," said Kim Croshaw. "We waited in the car lines for the doors to open, but once we started moving, we were back out of the school property within four minutes."

"I've been driving the car line for a long time," said Nikki Morgan. "It's always like this every year, but it'll smooth out in about two weeks."

Wright said that, along with the S.C. 707 road widening, the traffic light project could be done by the end of next spring.

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