Owner of new Florence yoga studio hopes to encourage residents to be more active

Owner of new Florence yoga studio hopes to encourage residents to be more active
Flowtown Yoga studio class. (Source: Drew Hansen)
Flowtown Yoga studio class. (Source: Drew Hansen)

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – All of the revitalization happening in downtown Florence also includes creating an environment to get people more active.

The newest business to open up along Dargan Street is Flowtown Yoga.

Owner Veronica Robertson said after she received her yoga certification, it was her dream to open up a studio in downtown Florence and has seen overwhelming support since it opened its doors Saturday.

"Although it was risky and I was a little scared, I thought this was the right time for us to take that step," Robertson said. "We have seen how it has been growing little by little and it has gotten to a point that is just ready to explode and we feel so much pride with everything that has been happening."

Robertson remembered a couple of years ago in downtown Florence, she wouldn't see people walking around or jogging, or riding a bike or having the chance to practice yoga at all. Now, that has changed.

"We are offering something that feels new to our community that is accessible to so many people," Robertson said.

Flowtown Yoga is a place where Sonny and Ava Grooms came often. Both in their upper 60s and lower 70s, the couple explained how yoga has changed their lives in a very positive way.

"Most of the people that do yoga are the younger people, so it's going to bring more young people," Sonny Grooms said.

Both agreed they are the oldest people in class, but that hasn't stopped them.

"We sit right in class with the rest of them, not judged. You do what you can at what skill you can do it," said Ava Grooms.

The Grooms said they practice yoga four times a week, but were out of it at one point for 10 years.

"I had lost a lot of my balance, but I am getting it back now gradually, but it got to the point that I couldn't even put my pants on anymore without sitting somewhere because I had lost my balance," Ava Grooms said.

Sonny Grooms saw a similar struggle.

"If I sat down in a chair, I could hardly get up and then when I did get up, I could hardly move," he said. "I would have to wait a couple minutes until my joints would loosen up enough to move."

All agree it has been a beautiful journey experiencing yoga, and to see the growth in downtown Florence.

Everyone who practices at Flowtown Yoga is also helping the community. Robertson said 5 percent of all the class proceeds are donated to two local non-profit organizations in Florence called the Foster Care Clothing Closet and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Flowtown Yoga offers on average 20 classes per week Monday through Saturday. Click here to see the full schedule and pricing.

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