Visitors at Myrtle Beach State Park share eclipse experience

Visitors at Myrtle Beach State Park share eclipse experience

MYRTLE BEACH, SC  (WMBF) - Hundreds of people packed Myrtle Beach State Park Monday afternoon to catch a glimpse of the Great American Eclipse.

Visitors were rolling into the park all morning and afternoon. One family visiting from New York had their camera positioned to capture the eclipse.

For Evan Cranstoun, who was visiting from New Jersey, he said he wanted to see it after hearing stories about the eclipse.

"My grandfather has talked to me about the one that he's seen," said Cranstoun. "I would say everybody is excited because it is once in a lifetime. I feel bad for my friends back home because I live in North Jersey. They're not going to be able to see the total eclipse."

Myrtle Beach resident Joanie MacNiven said watching the eclipse brought back memories.

"Thirty-eight years ago, my husband and I watched the eclipse through his welding mask and it was a very nice experience," said MacNiven.

Pamela Gregory, 68, of Manchester, Illinois, said she was not interested in seeing the eclipse.

"We really don't have a lot of interest in it. We saw it once before and we're too old to see it again," Gregory said while laughing.

Gregory said her memory of the last eclipse in 1979 is not vivid. "

"I barely remember that we put together some shoe boxes with a tiny hole and somehow we looked into those shoe boxes. That's my only memory," Gregory said.

Gregory and her husband say they vacation to the state park every year and this year their trip just happened to align with a total eclipse.

Many people at the state park said they enjoyed being with family and friends to enjoy the celestial event.

"I think people have to have a list of things to see and do and experience," MacNiven said.

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