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Great American Eclipse: Tips for Viewing Totality

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GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - As we head into the homestretch for the Great American Eclipse on Monday, many of you will have your eyes on the moon's path of totality. 

The path of totality includes portions of our viewing area, meaning everywhere south of Pawleys Island and southwest of Lake City, Hopewell, Indiantown, will experience total darkness

Astronomers have pinpointed the duration down to the exact minute, so it will be handy to have an alarm set for the exact time.

Also a stopwatch will help give you an accurate timer during your quick date with total darkness.

At this moment we've been waiting months for, the moon takes over the sun. After the sun's last disappear, you'll see what is known as the diamond ring, 

Once that last burst of sun goes behind the moon – NASA says it is safe, and advised to take off your glasses.

This lasts only a short time, 1 to 2 minutes depending on how far you are into the path. 

This means you only have a brief window – 30 seconds to a minute - to soak in the amazing features of a 360 degree sunset, midday temperature drop, and the ability to look directly at the sun's atmosphere known as the corona.

After that, you'll need to immediately put your glasses back on. 

You won't be able to capture this moment on you cell phone and your Snapchats of the solar eclipse are guaranteed to be awful.

Leave pictures to the professional photographers who have trained for the eclipse and have the equipment for this event. 

This eclipse is an excellent opportunity for you to have YOUR own moment, and disconnect from our connected world to appreciate the wonders of our astronomical world.

Make it special. 

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