How to make sure your eclipse glasses are certified

How to make sure your eclipse glasses are certified

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Many have already gotten their special glasses ahead of Monday's eclipse.

The important thing that should be noted is whether or not they are certified.

Staring at the sun without certified glasses on can cause damage to the eyes. If those glasses haven't been manufactured by an approved company, the wearer can also be putting themselves at risk.

NASA put together a list of approved manufacturers and vendors where eclipse watchers can get safe and certified glasses.

Amy Stevens, vice president of marketing for Tidelands Health, said they gave away nearly 80,000 pairs of eclipse glasses. They received their shipment from two NASA-approved vendors – American Paper Optics and Rainbow Symphony.

"You want to make sure that you're getting glasses from one of those approved manufacturers, because that way you know for sure that they've met the ISO certification testing and those NASA safety standards," Stevens said.

In addition to checking the list of certified vendors and manufacturers, there are steps people can take to inspect the appearance of their glasses.

One thing to look out for is the ISO number, which can be found on the left inner side of the glasses. It is going to read 12312-2. Sometimes there can be a "-2105" at the end, but the glasses don't need to have that to be considered safe.

This number certifies that the glasses were tested and met safety standards.

One can also check for the special ISO seal, which can be found at the end of the inner left side of the glasses, near the ear.

However, here is where things get tricky – just because the glasses have this number and this seal does not necessarily mean they have been approved by NASA.

Stevens said there are other things that should be looked for.

"It's really important to read the inside of the glasses. Just read it and make sure the grammar is good. Make sure the sentences are complete, the capitalization looks good," Stevens said, "There should be a name and address for the manufacturer. We've seen some counterfeit ones where it just might say, 'New York Avenue, New York' and it might not have a complete address."

The best way to make sure glasses are certified is to go online and check NASA's list of certified vendors. That list can be found either on WMBF's solar eclipse page or NASA's website.

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