Security camera catches images of bicycle thief in The Market Common

Security camera catches images of bicycle thief in The Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A homeowner in The Market Common wants people to be aware of a theft that happened right on his front porch.

He shared video surveillance with WMBF News from two cameras that capture the suspect stealing a bicycle.

"I know it wasn't smart to leave the bike out there unlocked, but you shouldn't really have to do that and it's not even really about the loss of the bike or anything. For me, it's definitely bringing the guy to justice and making it known you can't come and do that in this neighborhood and just get away with it. It's a pretty safe community and you don't want things to get out of hand, so you have to take action and do what you can do to stop it.," said Ken Carnesi.

The theft happened Wednesday around 4 a.m. along Howard Avenue, where Carnesi has lived the past five years. He said he has not experienced a theft until now.

Carnesi is extra cautious about security and said because of the very clear surveillance footage he has, he is confident the thief will be caught.

"I think he picked ultimately the absolute worst house to do this to considering we have all the technology we have, but he'll have to deal with that," Carnesi said.

Myrtle Beach police said one should never downplay a crime, no matter how small it may seem. That's because a small investigation could lead to a much larger one.

This particular theft is an example to always say something if you see something.

Carnesi explained his Ring doorbell camera caught the suspect coming up the steps, showing the man's face and tattoo. A second camera has footage that lasts almost three minutes, showing multiple angles of the suspect.

"These cameras have a really wide view, like a 176-degrees I think, so it was able to capture the truck pulling up to the crosswalk too," Carnesi said.

Thankfully, it wasn't any worse.

"I don't really just trust anyone where I live; it's up to you to protect the house," Carnesi said.

After sharing his message on social media, Carnesi said he received hundreds of responses through the Next-door Neighborhood Watch app, his doorbell camera app and Facebook.

"I want to send out the message to not come here and mess around and bring crime to The Market Common area," Carnesi said. "It's a good neighborhood and we want to all watch out for each other."

Officials with the Myrtle Beach Police Department are asking anyone who has information on the suspect to call authorities.

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