After Trump/Graham Twitter spat, WMBF investigates local support

After Trump/Graham Twitter spat, WMBF investigates local support

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - President Donald Trump is taking aim at South Carolina's senior senator.

WMBF News reached out to Senator Graham Thursday morning for a response. A spokesman directed us to a statement the senator also released on Twitter.

The WMBF News investigative team broke down election results dating back to 2002 to analyze support in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee for Senator Graham.

Sen. Graham took office in 2003; he did not face a Republican in a primary race in 2002. In the general election, Graham beat Democratic challenger Alex Sanders with 54 percent of the vote. His support in Horry County was slightly higher at 55 percent and slightly lower at 52 percent in Florence County. Graham lost Darlington, Dillon, Marion and Marlboro Counties.

Sen. Graham won every county but Greenville County in the 2008 Republican Primary, facing challenger Buddy Witherspoon. He saw greater success in the general election than six years previous, winning 58 percent of the vote against Democrat Bob Conley. His support in Horry County grew to 66 percent and went up to 57 percent in Florence County. He won Darlington and Dillon Counties.

Graham saw even greater success in the 2014 Republican Primary, beating six challengers with 56 percent of the vote. Lee Bright finished second with 16 percent. The general election saw him lose Dillon and Darlington Counties, but his Horry County support held steady at 66 percent. Graham won Florence County but with 49 percent of the vote, an eight-point drop from 2008.

The president won the 2016 South Carolina Primary with more than 32 percent of the votes. President Trump won all but two counties, Richland and Charleston. The president had 49 percent of the support in Horry County, 43 percent in Marion County, 42 percent in Marlboro County, 38 percent in Darlington County, 36 percent in Dillon County and 33 percent in Florence County. Senator Lindsey Graham dropped his presidential bid before the primary.

Hillary Clinton won Dillon, Marion and Marlboro Counties in the general election. President Trump carried 51 percent of the vote in Darlington County, 51 percent in Florence County and 67 percent in Horry County.

Graham is up for reelection in 2020.

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