Deal Diva: How school supply prices compare

Deal Diva: How school supply prices compare

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's down to the wire to get everything for back to school.

For the kids, it's non-stop fun. However, for parents it seems like the school supply list gets longer each year, which makes your receipt list longer because items like notebook paper, spiral tablets, folders and pencils add up.

The Deal Diva visited Target, Walmart, Office Max and others to see what's the biggest deal on some basic school items.

First on the list is colored pencils.

A 12-pack of CraZart brand pencils at Walmart was just 50 cents. At Target, a 12-pack of Crayola brand were just 99 cents.

The cost of Crayola crayons was about the same all stores. Target and Walmart both have a 24-count box for only 50 cents. They are $1 at Office Max.

A spiral one-subject notebook cost 67 cents at Walmart.  A better deal is at Target, where they're only 27 cents. But at Office Max, it's a penny - with a $5 minimum purchase.

College-ruled or wide-ruled paper at Target is 81 cents, while they are a penny more at Walmart. At Office Max, it's 75 cents.

Then there are Sharpie highlighters, which are popular.

At Office Max, a four-pack runs about $3. Over at Walmart, a five-count pack is $2.24. Target has an eight-count pack for only a dollar.

For teachers, Lysol Wipes is one of the biggest items they need.

Office Max has a three-pack of 102 wipes for $5. Walmart has the three-pack, plus one bonus, for $4.98. A three-pack at Target is $5.89

Target comes through with better prices, quality, and extra savings in terms of coupons and apps. Office Max has the lowest prices on pencils and notebooks, while Walmart has lower prices for pens and a larger quantity.

Another thing is Target-brand clothing comes with a one-year warranty. So, if it's damaged or the seams come loose, you can return it.

As for backpacks, pretty much all of the stores have deals right now. Then there is Toys 'R Us, which offers a free lunch kit with the purchase of a backpack $12.99 or greater.

Then there is Dollar Tree, which has everything priced for $1 or less.

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