Lake City mobile home members meet with officials about eviction letter

Lake City mobile home members meet with officials about eviction letter

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) – People who live in a Lake City mobile home complex met with city officials Tuesday evening to discuss their future.

Last month, the people who live at Wedgefield Mobile Home Park were given a letter saying they had just 60 days to leave. That's because a non-profit group called Greater Lake City Community Development bought the land where the mobile homes sit.

Many officials showed up to Tuesday's meeting, including Lake City Mayor Lovith Anderson, Rep. Roger Kirby, county councilman Jason Springs and Sen. Ronnie Sabb.

They wanted the people of Wedgefield - many of whom can't afford to move their mobile homes - to know they have their support.

The meeting's main purpose was for these officials to get more information from the residents so they can understand what, exactly, they're working with. The officials will continue to attempt to get financial help for the mobile home park members.

Residents like CaSandra Gilliard say life has been difficult since receiving the letter.

"It's hard," Gilliard said. "I had my 16-year-old daughter tell me yesterday she's not moving. That's all she knows. That area is all she's known her whole life. My 12-year-old son asked me, 'Mom, why are we moving? Why do we have to move?' I mean it's hard. When your kids hurt, you hurt."

She said she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy.

"I pray to God, not just for the sake of the Wedgefield community, that nobody has to go through this," Gilliard said. "It's ridiculous."

Despite the tough circumstances, Gilliard is choosing to stay positive.

"I'm just going with the flow," she said. "Whichever direction God leads me in, that's the road I'm going down."

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