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WMBF Investigates: Interest in the solar eclipse

Google Trends show interest in the solar eclipse is growing. (Source: Google Trends) Google Trends show interest in the solar eclipse is growing. (Source: Google Trends)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Great American Eclipse hits the coast of Oregon at 11:44 a.m. EST on August 21 and sweeps across the country, leaving South Carolina’s coast at 4:09 p.m.

A WMBF News investigation into Google search trends found interest in the eclipse swept across the country as well, but at a much slower rate.

If the race to find solar eclipse glasses is any indication, people in South Carolina are interested in the event. According to Google Trends, South Carolina leads the country in searches for “eclipse glasses” over the last year.

Source: Google Trends

The Charleston Area leads the way in the Palmetto State for “eclipse glasses” searches.

In fact, remember how popular fidget spinners were? “Eclipse glasses” have searches have passed “fidget spinner” searches on Google. That happened July 17.

Source: Google Trends

Over the last 90 days, “eclipse glasses” searches have been more popular than “fidget spinner” searches in 10 states. Those states follow the path of totality.

Source: Google Trends

Here's a comparison of how search interest for "Eclipse glasses" matches up with the eclipse's path across the United States:

The Clemson football season kicks off less than two weeks after the eclipse, and it’s a long off season after winning a national championship. Interest in the Tigers peaked the week of January 8, but “solar eclipse” searches passed “Clemson football” searches by February nationwide. It took longer for that to happen in South Carolina, but the Tigers were “eclipsed” the week of June 18.

Source: Google Trends

It may not take much time for the trend to reverse. The eclipse wasn’t a popular search across the Southeast leading up to last year’s college football opening weekend.

Source: Google Trends

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