Non-profit works to end homelessness in Myrtle Beach

Non-profit works to end homelessness in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A non-profit organization is working to help homeless people get off the streets in cities around the country, including right here in Myrtle Beach. On Sunday, Cardio Blessings members Jake Strickland and LaDarren Landrum spent 24 hours out on the street in Myrtle Beach.

"No food, no water, no money. Whatever we consume someone else has to give to us. We're basically out here living like a homeless person to bring awareness," said Landrum.

The organization Cardio Blessings works to provide assistance to homeless people who are working to make a positive change in their life.

"Our slogan is a hand up not a hand out," explains Landrum. "We're not trying to give hand outs, we're giving hands up."

During this weekend's event in Myrtle Beach, the group reached out to people living on the streets.

"Just this morning the first people we talked to we said 'What else could we do? I want to do more for you.' He said, 'Honestly just the level of compassion you guys have showed me will help me move in the right direction. It shows me someone cares and I need to keep moving forward,'" said Strickland.

The group is holding upcoming events in Washington D.C., Charlotte, and eventually, they hope to come back to Myrtle Beach.

"In every city we go to we have volunteers for our events. We want to take those volunteers and get them to continue to do it after we leave the city. So the end goal is every major city in the US that a certain day of the month everyone is out doing a Cardio Blessings event," said Strickland.

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