‘Attempted kidnapping’ in Carolina Forest was ‘misguided prank,’ police say

‘Attempted kidnapping’ in Carolina Forest was ‘misguided prank,’ police say

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – An alleged attempted kidnapping in the Carolina Forest area earlier this week appears to be a "misguided prank," according to police.

A post on the Horry County Police Department's Facebook page states that all the people who participated in the incident involving a black Yukon have been located and identified. They were all juveniles.

"The incident appears to be a misguided prank at this time by at least one of the occupants of the Yukon, and there is no danger to the public," the HCPD post stated.

Earlier this week, a parent in Plantation Lakes began warning her neighbors after several people allegedly drove up to her son as he was walking home from a neighborhood clubhouse and attempted to kidnap him.

According to Dr. Barb Horn, four teenagers were inside the Yukon with bandanas over their mouths and hoods over their heads, and told her son to, "Get in the car, boy."

Her son and his friend started to run and the vehicle followed them, according to Horn. They eventually made it to a neighbor's house.

A search then began for the vehicle.

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