Carolina Forest families chase down vehicle after alleged kidnapping attempt

Carolina Forest families chase down vehicle after alleged kidnapping attempt

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A parent in Plantation Lakes is warning neighbors after several people allegedly drove up to her son as he was walking home and attempted to kidnap him.

Dr. Barb Horn said her son was walking back from the clubhouse with his friend when a black Yukon SUV pulled up to him. She said about four teenagers were inside the vehicle with bandanas over their mouths and hoods over their heads. They rolled down their window and said, "Get in the car, boy," Dr. Horn said.

Dr. Horn's son and his friend started to run, and the vehicle started to follow them, Dr. Horn continued. At one point, one of the vehicle's occupants got out and started throwing rocks. Her son made it to her neighbor's house.

The two boys, ages 10 and 11, told police one of the people in the Yukon was wearing a pink mask, the police report states. That person got out of the car and back into it before it turned down a cul-de-sac and sped off out of the area.

Two other boys, ages 14 and 7, told police they were playing football on another street when the SUV drove up to them. They said the occupants were wearing bandanas, so they could not see their faces, but one of them said "Come get inside!" One of the occupants opened the door and got out, but then got back in, and the car again sped off.

Dr. Horn's neighbor happens to be an ex-cop, and they went off to chase the vehicle down. Dr. Horn and her family went searching for the suspects' vehicle as well, to see where they were in case they were attempted to abduct another child, she said.

At one point, the neighbor chased the vehicle down Carolina Forest Boulevard going 90 miles per hour, Dr. Horn said. The car then drove into The Farm subdivision, and stopped at a gas station for gas. Dr. Horn's neighbor confronted the people in the Yukon and they took off. The neighbor was able to read the vehicle's license plate to Horry County Police.

Police looked up the tag number and went to the residence associated with it twice, but the vehicle was not there, the police report states.

One person described the subjects to police as four white males. Another person told police one of the subjects had longer dark hair, possibly black, parted on the side, the report states. Another subject was wearing a white shirt with medium-length curly hair.

Dr. Horn posted about the incident on the Plantation Lakes Family Fun Facebook group, warning other residents about the alleged kidnapping attempt.

"I was terrified," Dr. Horn said. "We think we live in a great, safe neighborhood and these things can happen anywhere. And so whether you told your children a year ago or three years ago about safety with strangers, it's time again to reeducate and make sure they know what to do."

Dr. Horn was happy her son knew what to do in this situation.

"I was very proud of my son for going to the first adult that he knew," she said.

A day later, Dr. Horn says she and her son are doing all right, but it's still scary to think something like this happened.

"He's feeling okay," Dr. Horn said of her son. "It was scary. I was terrified, and my heart was beating for hours. But I know that he's safe."

She wants the suspects in this case to know she has a message for them.

"If it was a prank, it's not funny," she said. "Nothing is funny about it. If it wasn't just a prank, and it was seriously someone that was trying to harm my son, something needs to happen. They need to have some type of punishment. It's a very very serious thing that they've done, and I hope that they learn from it."

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