Conway police issue public survey to guage standing in community, inform potential changes

Conway police issue public survey to guage standing in community, inform potential changes

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Conway Police Department needs your help. Officers want your feedback in a survey to find ways to improve the department's relationship with the community.

The department wants you to think of this survey as a report card. Answering questions is your way to grade the performance of officers in Conway.

This study is part of a larger project called the Charleston Illumination Project that's happening within all agencies in South Carolina in the wake of events regarding community and police interactions.

The Conway Police Department is the first agency in our area to take part in the study. It's available online and at local businesses, churches and rec centers, reaching out to more than just neighborhood watch groups.

Once completed, the Social Justice Research Initiative at Coastal Carolina University will collect and oversee the results. Officers said they want the survey to reflect how they're viewed in the community and identify where improvements are needed to improve safety.

"How was the response time? how was the officers' attitude? Were you satisfied with the results - just basic law enforcement questions on how well we're doing and how fast were responding to calls," said Conway Police Department Community Service Sergeant Darren Alston.

The survey is made up of 54 questions for you to rate the department from one to five in different categories. It's only going to take you 15 minutes, and it's anonymous.

The department wants to measure performance in areas including transparency, accountability and its ability to protect the community from crimes. Through the survey, the department wants you to describe any recent encounters with police.

And finally - the survey ends with questions pertaining to demographics.

"Police departments are all about improvement. With so many things going on with law enforcement and the public, Conway City Police Department wants to be on the side of, 'What can we do to better the citizens here in Conway and make a change?'" said Darren Alston.

Conway police officers also submitted surveys about their own views of the department. Now, they need your help.

Once the results are in, the Conway police chief will sit down with the city administrator to discuss improvements and to create a plan based on your feedback.

Drop boxes have been established throughout the City of Conway for residents who may not have access to a computer at the following locations: E.M.E. Apartments, Huckabee Heights Housing Authority, Cherry Hill Baptist Church, Bethel A.M.E. Church, Mason Temple C.O.G.I.C., Friendship Baptist Church, Conway Memorial Library, Conway Recreation Center, Water Department and Conway City Police Department.

Residents and business owners may also assess the survey online by going to the Conway City website, then scrolling down to the latest news section, where the Residents and Business Owners Survey can be located.

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