With the right budget, you can own an island in South Carolina

Long Island drone footage (Source: The Nichols Company)
Long Island drone footage (Source: The Nichols Company)

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Most of us want a house, a car and a good job with benefits. Some of us want a few more bells and whistles, like vacations in the south of France every so often. The chance to purchase an aircraft or an island is what's on the minds of many dreamers. If that seems excessive or unattainable, you have to admit, it's fun to dream. But if you have the right budget, you could purchase an island in South Carolina.

There are about a dozen islands in South Carolina - Cusabo, Little Goat, Morgan's Island and Long Island, to name a few.

Sink Kimmel is the broker and John Nichols is the owner of Nichols Company Inc., a real estate firm out of Charlotte. The team is selling Long Island - 4,600 acres of land in the City of Folly Beach.

"When you get to the tip of this island you might as well be in Africa somewhere, you are so remote," said John Nichols.

Out on Long Island, time seems to stop. You forget Long Island is just minutes from bustling, historic downtown Charleston. And there is plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts.

Tourists and locals like to kayak, paddleboard, and boat the channels, sharing the environment with mother nature.

"You'll see everything from minks, to otters, to raccoons, to dolphin, to heron, to bald eagles. There's a number of different species on the island and what makes it so significant is this property has never been touched," said Sink Kimmel.

K&A Acquisition Group, LLC owns the island. Kimmel said the ideal buyer is someone conservation-minded.

"The Ted Turners of the world that really value the land that can never be recreated," Kimmel said.

Kimmel said five acres of this island are eligible for the national register of historic places and are already under conservation by the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust because of their history. Artifacts found on the land date back to the civil war. Broken pieces of ceramic, cannon balls, a battery where troops would shield themselves from gunfire, and even a button believed to be worn by a soldier in the 54th infantry have been found.

"There is a Hollywood movie that came out in early 90s with Matthew Broderick called Glory and Denzel Washington. And the last part of that movie portrays a battle that took place on Morris Island where the Massachusetts 54th infantry was actually on that property. And that's the next property over, we could hop in a boat and run around there in 15 minutes," Kimmel said.

The island is history, wildlife and ecology in its natural state.

A brand new dock was built in 2014 on the western end of the Island, and it's significant because it gives a potential buyer deep water access. So  they can  easily navigate their boat around the eight miles of water surrounding the property.

Owning an island is like a dream come true, but what's not so easy about some island real estate is the logistics of developing the land, if that's what you choose to do.

Long Island doesn't have road access to it and if you want to build a home there you'll have a lot of work to do.

"In terms of challenges, when looking seriously at a property like this is, how am I going to have electricity? How am I going to have some sort of septic system, how am I going to get materials back and forth onto the island so I can eventually build on the island?" Kimmel said.

That could cost millions.

At one time, back in the 1930s, there was a toll road that gave people access to Folly Beach from 171 that connected to Long island with a bridge, but the road was abandoned and the bridge was demolished. Now the island is just land, animals, history and the occasional sound of a boat motor going by.

Long Island could be yours for the asking price of $19 million.

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