'Never had a day like this in my life:' Passengers at MYR talk scare caused by child's toy on plane

FBI: Suspicious item found on plane at MYR turns out to be child's toy

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – There were mixed emotions Monday as dozens of passengers waited to get their bags after evacuating their plane and being on lockdown in the general aviation terminal of the Myrtle Beach International Airport for over three hours while waiting for a suspicious package to be cleared by law enforcement.

Don Wood, a spokesperson with the FBI field office in Columbia, S.C., said the item turned out to be a child's electronic toy that was found in the plane's lavatory.

"Man, never had a day like this in my life," said passenger Jawhar Jones.

Passengers said the American Airlines 5119 flight crew asked over the intercom if anyone left a toy in the bathroom. When no one claimed it, it lead to a series of events.

"I feel like as soon as they realized something was going on in the bathroom, that there was a suspicious object in there, they were just like, 'Go, go, go,'" said Jennifer Hinrichsen.

All passengers were sheltered out of the plane during the storm as the Horry County bomb squad, bomb sniffing dog and the FBI investigated a "suspicious package."

"The FBI was there and they actually had a picture of something that was left in the bathroom," said passenger Keegan McGowan.

According to FBI officials, the scene was cleared by 6:30 p.m. Monday.

The general consensus was better safe than sorry.

"Don't take for granted flying because, you know, anything can happen, but obviously nobody expected this to happen. It was just crazy," Jones said.

Officials with American Airlines confirmed Flight 5119, which came from Charlotte, landed at MYR at 3:50 p.m. Monday.

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