Little River car dealership hit for second time this summer, wheels stolen

Little River car dealership hit for second time this summer, wheels stolen

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - A Little River car dealership has been hit for the second time this summer, with the thieves making off with seven sets of wheels.

Surveillance footage from Bell & Bell Buick GMC showed at least two people taking the wheels off of vehicles in the early-morning hours of Monday. Their getaway car was a stolen van.

The thieves didn't just take wheels; they smashed out windows to other vehicles too.

"I mean, you can pretty much look down the lot and see. They're all ... the tail end is jacked up with jacks under them. The truck in the center you can just look down the lot and see it's just sitting on the dirt," said sales manager Will Bell.  "There's probably a few thousand dollars in damage just in the windows and we don't know yet if there is any damage to the vehicles themselves from when they were dropped."

The video shows a van reportedly stolen from Four Seasons Flooring in Myrtle Beach. It wasn't brought on to the lot until it was time to take off.

Bell said the two suspects seen in the video were on the lot from around 1 to 5 a.m. on Monday. He added that one set of wheels is $4,000, while some of the vehicles were tagged at over $70,000 to $80,000.

At this point, the family-run dealership views money as only a part of the issue because now it feels personal.

"The thought of somebody doing this to us - just the fact that someone would do it - just makes you mad and then the fact that it's us, it's our family. It's like we can't get a break here recently," Bell said.

While getting the wheels back would be nice because they are coded and traceable, the family just wants justice and thanks Horry County police for responding right away.

"We want the right thing done, so now we know if they are behind bars, we know that they are not going to do it again," Bell said. 

Just last month, thieves made off with a number of wheels from the lot.

Managers thanked a new coding system with helping police find the wheels within 48 hours.

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