Florence County boosts fire protection in rural areas

Florence County boosts fire protection in rural areas

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There are steps being taken to get people who live in the unincorporated areas of Florence County on city water.

Right now, crews are in the works of installing new water lines in areas of Lake City, currently on well water. A total of 70 homes are soon to be added to the water system as the second capital sales project makes way for greater fire protection.

Florence County Council’s goal in putting this project on this list, was to provide greater fire protection to the citizens of Florence County. A sum of $1.4 million dollars is at work to provide fire hydrants outside of city limits.

Any money left over could go towards helping people who are going to benefit from this project.

“That’s right, we are going to take any project savings that we may have and we are going to use it to run the sewer connections to the house," said Councilman Jason Springs. "We understand the water lines running past someone’s house. We recognize a lot of these areas that we want to run water lines to are economically depressed. People may not have the money to afford to run the service lines so we are going to offer some assistance through the City of Lake City to tie the service water into their house.” 

If you live along Matthews Road in Lake City, you should contact water and sewer service to see of you qualify for the extra help.

New fire hydrants are a large benefit of the soon-coming new water lines.

County leaders said those new hydrants will provide a more sustainable source of water during emergencies.

As of right now, crews must shuttle water out to those areas and dump it in something like a pool container and then pull from it to fight the fire.

Those soon-coming hydrants bring efficiency to your protection.

“This will give South Lynches the ability to possibly better their ISO rating. Any time you install fire hydrants, fire stations that contributes to possibly lowering the score for ISO,” Springs said.

The project will get underway in two weeks.

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