Local photographers are preparing for the Great American Eclipse

Local photographers are preparing for the Great American Eclipse

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  On August 21 millions of people will look to the sky to catch the Great American Eclipse and thousands of brave photographers will attempt to capture it through their camera lens. Photographers will wait hours to capture the eclipse and they’ll have just under two minutes to do so.

“It’s a one in a lifetime chance,” said Tidelands Photography Club President, Ed Robidoux.

The Tidelands Photography Club has been preparing for the eclipse since January.

 “We don’t want to miss it. I rented a bigger lens to get me a bigger shot of the sun, I bought filters, and I spent hours practicing,” said Robidoux.

Practice is important, because photographing the eclipse is no easy task.

 “As the eclipse becomes total you’ll see the moon invading the suns light and you have to change your exposure accordingly to make sure you get the right image,” explained Robidoux.

As the earth moves, so does the suns position, and to get a good picture, the camera must follow.

 “We have to continue to re-spot and focus,” said Robidoux.

Robidoux will be outside shooting the eclipse for three hours. For a majority of the time, he will use his solar filter. Without the filter, you can damage your cameras sensor. When the eclipse reaches totality, Robidoux will have just under two minutes to remove the filter and get a perfect shot.

 “You take the filter off and then I’m going to try to capture as much contrast as I can,” said Robidoux. “I have two minutes to do that because as the moon leaves the suns sphere it’s going to become bright again.”

Robidoux will be one of millions of people attempting to photograph the Great American Eclipse. Now after preparing his equipment, and practicing for hours, the last thing he says he’ll do is hope for perfect weather.

 “We’ve done our homework with all of this. It’s Sean Bailey’s job now to give us a nice clear sky,” said Robidoux.

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