Nine new MBPD officers sworn in

Nine new MBPD officers sworn in

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock swore nine new police officers in Friday afternoon.

The nine officers recently graduated from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Prock also recognized several officers for outstanding achievements, and she made six promotions official.

Three sergeants were promoted to lieutenants, two lieutenants were promoted to captains and Captain Brown was promoted to Assistant Chief of Police.

One of the lieutenants promoted to Captain was Public Information Officer Joey Crosby.

Chief Amy Prock said this is a happy day for the department.

"Like with any new police officer, we're just excited for them to be with us in addition to our staff, in addition to just learning the job and moving forward," Prock said. "They will enter our field training program, learn as much as they can and then get on the road and continue to move forward with their careers."

The field training program consists of working different shifts to get acclimated with life as a police officer.

Ever since the shooting that was caught on Facebook Live over the Father's Day weekend on Ocean Blvd, many people in Myrtle Beach have been calling for more safety measures, including additional officers.

Prock says this addition of new officers will help increase safety in Myrtle Beach.

"We're very fortunate that we have additional officers coming in to help us throughout not only our local agencies, but agencies throughout the state and our state agencies have supported us throughout the summer," Prock said. "So we're continuing to utilize that support. We hope to continue to grow our department as well. So we'll continue to work through that with our community."

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