FIRST ALERT: WMBF News eclipse glasses are now gone

FIRST ALERT: WMBF News eclipse glasses are now gone
A view of the eclipsed sun through eclipse glasses
A view of the eclipsed sun through eclipse glasses

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The entire shipment of WMBF News eclipse glasses has been claimed.

The glasses were first made available on Friday at WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach, and by Monday afternoon, every pair had been claimed.

The response was tremendous, with people lining up outside WonderWorks at 11 a.m. Monday, three hours before employees began distributing them at 2 p.m. The line stretched around the building, and hundreds of people got their hands on thousands of eclipse glasses before supplies ran out.

If you weren't able to get glasses for you and your family, there are still places to buy them around our area. You can also easily make pinhole viewers out of materials around the house - download the WMBF News App and head to the App Extras section for a step-by-step video guide from Meteorologist Marla Branson and her son Owen.

The vast majority of our area will see 96 to 99 percent of the sun blocked out by the moon during the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. Much of Georgetown and Williamsburg counties will see a total solar eclipse with 100 percent of the sun blocked by the moon. Darkness will spread across the areas of the total eclipse at 2:47 pm on Aug. 21. Areas outside of the total eclipse will see a significant darkening of the sky.

Looking directly at the sun can cause significant eye damage. With so much attention focused on the sun on the day of the eclipse, proper eye protection is very important.

The glasses WMBF News ordered are NASA approved, and will provide a clear and stunning view of the day's celestial events.

These glasses block out the vast majority of the sun's blinding light. When viewing the eclipse through these glasses, you'll be able to see the moon covering more and more of the sun as the eclipse progresses through the afternoon. Everyday sunglasses, even if they are polarized, will not be sufficient for safe eclipse viewing.

In areas that will only see the partial eclipse, the glasses must be worn at all times to prevent eye damage. In the areas of the total eclipse, it will be safe to take the glasses off and look directly at the totally eclipsed sun only during the time of totality.

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