Small business owner announces intent to run for Myrtle Beach mayor

Small business owner announces intent to run for Myrtle Beach mayor

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Another candidate has announced his intent to run for Myrtle Beach mayor, bringing the field of potential candidates to four ahead of the election in November.

Small business owner Ed Carey announced his intention to run for Myrtle Beach Mayor on Wednesday.

Carey's announcement notes that he specializes in development and construction project management; he was the Senior Construction Manager for the development team on The Market Common.

"I believe it's time for sweeping changes in the leadership, structure and process of governing in this remarkable place we call home," Carey stated in a news release announcing his intent to run. "The Number 1 job of government at every level is public safety, yet our City fathers seem determined to put all sorts of functions – many of questionable intent – in front of maintaining a safe, lawful community. City Council is fixated on creating positive messages instead of creating a positive environment – one that supports residents and businesses and the millions of tourists who visit here every year. Their poor decisions have created an economic malaise at a time when our economy should be booming."

Carey stated he plans to unveil a detailed program in the coming days and weeks, but said its key elements will be detailed plans for "dramatic improvements in public safety, reeling in excessive taxation and spending, full transparency, merging departments and functions to yield efficiency and reduce costs, term limits and establishing reasonable parking policies that protect residences and welcome County patronage."

Two specific elements in Carey's plan include changing Myrtle Beach districts to single-member districts to "ensure that every individual and neighborhood in fairly represented," and term limits for both mayor and council members.

"Even the most talented and dedicated among us need to step aside and invite new voices with fresh ideas to the table," Carey stated. "Serving on City Council should not be a job but an honor."

Carey concluded: "I've had enough. It's time for fair, smart, honest government and experienced leadership. If I'm elected, that's exactly what I'll bring to City Hall."

Carey, 59, received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction from Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Urban Studies, the news release states. He is a Certified Professional Constructor, and has served as a board member and chapter president of the American Institute of Constructors. He has two daughters.

Carey joins two other new candidates who have already announced their intent to run, as well as current Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes.

Early last month, former Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride announced on Facebook his intention to run for mayor, and Brenda Bethune, the owner of local distribution company Better Brands, announced her intention to run from Nance Plaza a few days later.

None of these candidates have officially filed to run for mayor at this time; filing opens on August 24 and closes on September 8. The election for mayor will be held on November 7.

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