Darlington County puts $1M into new football complex

Darlington County puts $1M into new football complex

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Pee Dee students and sports enthusiasts are in for a more than $1 million improvement to a football complex.

Darlington County recently approved a $1.5 million update for the Lamar High School football complex. The superintendent said soon restrooms, concessions, ticket booths and the stands will all get updated.

In addition, parking lots will be paved and there will be an expansion of the bus training area. The district said these are all projects it has been trying to get updated over the past years.

While crews are working, the district asks for your patience.

“There is going to be a little bit of inconvenience during football season. But I think once fans understand the end result, and keep their eyes on the end result, it’s a minor inconvenience for what we will get out of it in the end,” said Dr. Eddie Ingram, Superintendent of the Darlington County School District.

School leaders said they made this investment because they wanted to continue to get kids excited about school and learning. The superintendent said the monetary investment makes lasting impacts.

 “So as a group, kids who participate in sports, band, art, music and drama, kids who have participated in those types of activities have higher tests scores and academics. It’s the whole child, it’s not just about the tests scores,” Dr. Ingram said.

A Myrtle Beach company will do the construction.

A completion date is not known.

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