Non-profit being formed to bring community improvements

Non-profit being formed to bring community improvements

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Soon, more blight will be gone from multiple Pee Dee neighborhoods.

Right now, Florence City Councilwoman Teresa Myers Ervin is getting a non-profit off the ground that would be responsible for acquiring dilapidated property and updating or demolishing it.

Ervin said she oversees neighborhood revitalization and got this idea from leaders in Sumter.

Leaders said non-profits can acquire more grants and resources than municipalities to remove blight from the community.

Ervin said the non-profit would function as a community development corporation.

"When you look at development, they are focusing on developing the community, so that is their focus. They look at what does it take to make a community healthy. When they look at buildings, they are going to see if those building need to be rehabbed or torn down and replaced with new homes," Ervin said.

A group or people have already been selected to sit on the board of the non-profit and in October will be flown to California for training. All money received will then be used to bring improvements to every community in Florence, which has a need.

"If you have a community development corporation, people can actually donate homes to the corporation. If the homes can be rehabbed, the corporation can rehab the home, they can resale the homes or they can rent the homes out. They can also apply for government grants," Ervin said.

The councilwoman added that building this new effort will take some time and she expects it to be fully operational in 18 months.

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