Man of the house

Man of the house

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - At an early age, Javier Ayala-Davila has become the man of his house.

"I;m the older child and I had to boss my brother's around a lot. A lot," said Ayala-Davila.

Javier has become a leader in his family and on the pitch in the North Myrtle Beach community.

"We have a club team in the area and we have about a half dozen kids who are youth leaders with us. He's the leader of the youth leaders," said Y Red Soccer Ministry Director Kevin Jones.

All Javy knows is hard work. He didn't start playing soccer until ninth grade. When most teammates began at the age of eight.

"i didn't let that get to me. I actually worked three to four times harder than most of them and that's how i got here," said Javier.

The former North Myrtle Beach Chief was awarded a scholarship to play the world's game in Wilmington at Cape Fear Community College.

"It means a whole lot to play soccer at a higher level. It's a great deal for me. Soccer is my life," Javier said.

"It's a perfect example of what sports does for character," Kevin Jones said.

The North Myrtle Beach community has taken Javier in as a member of their family. As the proud son has helped provide for his.

"I was honestly scared when I said yes to Coach Kevin about finding me a college or helping me find a college. Because I did not want to leave my family at all," said Ayala-Davila.

Javier heads to Cape Fear in five days.

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