Nichols woman returns to rebuilt home after Hurricane Matthew

Nichols woman returns to rebuilt home after Hurricane Matthew

NICHOLS, SC (WMBF) - A Nichols woman received a warm welcome back to her home months after it was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

Volunteers helped rebuild Carolyn Boykin's home over the last several months.

Boykin received funding from FEMA and the Town of Nichols to make this happen.

She says she lived in a mobile home in Dillon ever since the flooding from Hurricane Matthew took her home back in October.

"I was renting a trailer in Dillon, South Carolina," Boykin said. "A friend of mine had the trailer, and so I rented it. And I've been staying there. It's been fine. I've been comfortable. But driving back and forth to work and everything – because I work in Mullins – got a little tiring."

But now, Boykin is home.

Wednesday afternoon, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place to welcome her back to her home.

She says she can't thank the volunteers who helped make this happen enough.

"Oh it thrills my soul," Boykin said. "I'm so happy that they took their time. People sent in money, donations, everything that was given. I thank everyone that put a penny in there that got me home."

She says it warms her heart that she's able to be back in her own home.

"I'm excited," she said. "It's like having a Christmas in July."

Boykin received lots of help from Palmetto Disaster Recovery.

She says she's not quite ready to move in just yet, but she should be moved in by this weekend or Monday.

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