Carolina Forest residents on edge over pizza man imposter

Carolina Forest residents on edge over pizza man imposter

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Carolina Forest residents are on edge this week after a man they claim is posing as a pizza delivery man has knocked on several people's doors who weren't expecting pizza.

Neighbors in the area said they don't have a description of the man. Most people have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns.

According to residents, the suspicious man appears to be driving a dark pickup truck. Some have said he came to their door with a bare pizza box in hand, trying to deliver them a pizza they did not order.

Neighbors said this man has been seen in the Avalon, Farm and Belle Grove neighborhoods.

Dana Buchetto said she heard about the claims through social media as well.

"My neighbor sent it to me on text this morning because she knew a woman who posted it on Facebook this morning who lives on the other side of the Farm," she said.

WMBF news reached out to the Horry County Police Department who said they are investigating the situation.

The company that provides security for the Carolina Forest neighborhoods said they have not received any complaints but will continue to monitor the area closely.

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