Beach renourishment underway in Surfside Beach

Beach renourishment underway in Surfside Beach

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Army Corps of Engineering's beach renourishment project is underway in Surfside Beach.

While some people are glad they get to witness the project, others are frustrated that they're hearing construction sounds through the night.

"We knew beach renourishment was on the agenda after Hurricane Matthew. We just didn't know it was going to be occurring during the peak vacation season," said Rick Miller.

Sand pumping started earlier this week near Fifth Avenue North. Now, construction has worked its way up the beach near 10th Avenue North.

There are two hopper dredges offshore, which are the long boats that go out into deeper waters to suck up sand. Then they bring it back to those stationary structures and from there it is pumped on to the shore.

"We're in the middle of a construction site. It's 24/7 now that they got the second dredge in. I suspect the rental companies are just inundated with calls," said Miller.

Surfside Realty had a difficult time warning guests because it was unclear when and where exactly the project would start.

"They are being inconvenienced; we get that. And we get that so much that we're willing to compensate them for that," said Travis Worthy of Surfside Realty.

Now that the company has a better idea of the location and timeline of this project, they will warn incoming vacationers about the project.

"All our guests, every guest that's here, we apologize, but we're excited about what's going to be here next year when they come back to see us," Worthy said.

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