More security coming to Darlington City Hall

More security coming to Darlington City Hall

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - There are new details in a robbery that remains unsolved that happened at a Darlington police station.

The Darlington Police Department, fire house and city hall now have security cameras on the watch 24/7.

WMBF News reported on the incident which happened earlier this month.

Now, authorities are now saying what exactly was taken during the incident.

A SLED investigation is currently underway to track down the suspects.

Recently, the City of Darlington purchased $40,000 in new security equipment.

"We have added cameras to the building we are going to end up with more than 20. It's going to cover every exit and every entrance, as well as inside parts of the building that need to be and are especially sensitive," Watson said.

Police Chief Danny Watson said more measures are on the way to beef up security.

Soon keyless entry will be added.

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