Florence school counselor says schools supplies provide solid foundation for education

Florence school counselor says schools supplies provide solid foundation for education

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - So many students in our communities are depending on the community's help this school year.

School donations for children in need will help their school year get off to a great start.

The Florence County Salvation Army is working with Florence One School District right now to distribute school supplies to students in need.

Heather Stevenson, business administrator, said in the past the Salvation Army had distributed supplies to the community, but discovered shortly after, there was still a great amount of children who did not have the essential materials.

"We just want to make sure we're getting supplies to those that truly need it," Stevenson said.

Mykesha Jackson, counselor, at Lucy T. Davis Elementary School in Florence, said school supplies help build the foundation for a child to have a successful school year.

"When students feel like they are prepared, like adults when we feel like we're prepared to do certain things, we do better," Jackson said. "So it's important to have a great foundation to start school the right way with the materials that they need to give them the confidence to make it throughout the day and throughout the year."

The Salvation Army has an estimated 500 students within the district who will need supplies for the upcoming school year. Of that number, over 100 are homeless.

Officials with the non-profit said they work with six counties to try and provide assistance for families, and are encouraging the community to donate and help.

"We don't want to be giving just to be giving. We want to give with a purpose," Stevenson said.

Jackson says not only will donations from the community help those families, they will also help ease the burden of teachers who so many times will spend money out of their own pockets.

"It is tough as a district and as a school to supply all of those things because things need to be replenished constantly, especially the tissue, the hand sanitizer, the Lysol wipes, those are things we are in constant need of," Jackson said. "This is for all students in the state of South Carolina to give them a good foundation as to how their year is going to be. It makes them feel more confident because they have the same things that their other classmates have and when you are, you feel you do way better."

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