Keep safety in mind ahead of next month's solar eclipse

Keep safety in mind ahead of next month's solar eclipse

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A total solar eclipse will appear on Aug. 21, 2017. This means a sudden boom in people in our state, which means a few different things for residents, visitors, and businesses.

According to information from the South Carolina Emergency Management, even though the eclipse blocks out the sun, it doesn't mean it can't harm your eyes. Do not look at the eclipse with cheap sunglasses, as they do not provide adequate eye protection. Special eclipse glasses are strongly advised in viewing this rare event.

The S.C. Emergency Management recommends residents start making plans for it now. Once the solar eclipse gets here, the roads, grocery stores and gas stations will be much busier than normal. This could interrupt normal weekend schedules as well, so it's advised to take care of weekend plans before the event.

For visitors, one of the big issues to keep in mind is that it gets very hot here during the summer. Remember to stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen and appropriate eye wear.

If you happen to be on the road while the eclipse starts, keep moving. Stopping in the middle, and even on the side ,of the road to view it could cause crashes and other traffic problems. Due to the expected heavy traffic, plan to leave with plenty of time before the event starts.

Our businesses will also be impacted by the increase of visitors. Some of these changes will be an increase in bathroom use, use of physical money over cards, card problems, and changed delivery times. Along with this, it will be harder to contact some people due to the large amount of people using the same tower.

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