Myrtle Beach Planning Commission discusses plans for new neighborhood; bringing food trucks to the city

Myrtle Beach Planning Commission discusses plans for new neighborhood; bringing food trucks to the city

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The City of Myrtle Beach Planning Commission held a technical review meeting Monday morning. The agenda included a review of plans for a new neighborhood in the Market Common area, and two proposals to bring food trucks to the city.

The new neighborhood would divide 4.55 acres of land near Farrow Parkway, Howard Avenue, and Iris Street. It would bring 62 new single family homes and townhouses to the area. The neighborhood is still in the planning stages, but Myrtle Beach Fire Chief Alvin Payne says it's back to the drawing board after today's meeting.

The one-way street is planned to be 15 feet wide, but Payne says the minimum requirement is 20 feet in order for fire and public work trucks to safely get through the area.

"Our ladders can't even put their outriggers out with 15 feet," Payne says.

Cheryl Anderson with the Planning Department says the plans look pretty, but now, they need to be functional.

The other main issue on the agenda Monday was the two draft ordinances that hope to bring food trucks into the city of Myrtle Beach.

City Planner Allison Hardin said the two ordinances "both provided ordinances that pertain to their needs, but unfortunately their needs don't overlap and at some points there's conflict. So we're gonna have to take those ordinances and massage it into one ordinance that works best for the city."

So, here's what that means: two different parties want to have food trucks, but the Planning Department needs to agree on one piece of legislation that would make both parties happy.

One idea is what you probably think of when you think "food truck" -  trucks that make and sell food. It's all done in the back of the truck – while parked. The other idea would give stationary restaurants an opportunity to make food and bring it out to their own truck, something similar to an outdoor patio.

It's important to note that both ideas are in the very early stages of planning. There is no set location for food trucks in Myrtle Beach, and these two ideas could still crash and burn.

Right now, the Planning Department's job is to simply make suggestions – the ordinance would still have to go through city council before anything becomes official.

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