MBFD ramps up rescue efficiency efforts

MBFD ramps up rescue efficiency efforts

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Fire Department ramped up rescue efficiency efforts Monday while testing out their new jet ski during their Water Rescue Ocean Assessment.

The fire department welcomed their new rescue jet ski to the department just last week. The fire department was able to trade a 4-wheeler it wasn't using to get the jet ski to aid in water rescue. The jet ski is used, but Lt. Jonathan Evans said that it adds to the useful resources the department already has.

The jet ski will be kept at Station One on Mr. Joe White Avenue and brought down to the beach if needed. In terms of response time, because Station One is in such a convenient location, the department anticipates getting the jet ski to a needed location on the beach should take no more than five minutes, and having this new piece of equipment will only add to the water rescue resources that lifeguards and the police department have.

"We definitely want to add to what our fleet is now. The more the merrier," he said. "The police department has two they're using on the beach and the lifeguards have a few as well. So we just want to add to that because we've seen in the past, with the couple instances we've had, the jet skis become very important to have."

The fire department also held a Water Rescue Ocean Assessment Monday. The men who trained had to swim 500 meters, run a mile, and then complete a 500-meter paddle on a rescue board.

Evans said this is one of the methods the department is using to figure out where everyone on the team is in terms of fitness.

The department's jet ski was also in the water during the training in case anyone on the team needed assistance while in the water. The department's new jet ski and today's training session are all resources Lt. Jonathan Evans said will better prepare the water rescue team to serve the community.

The next water rescue training session is being held on September 9.

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