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ECLIPSE: What about the weather?

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Weather is obviously very important to viewing the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. 

While it's too early to know exactly what the weather will be like on eclipse day, we can gather some general ideas.  First off, it's August in South Carolina, so prepare for high heat and humidity as your're outside watching the eclipse unfold.  

The most likely scenario that afternoon will be temperatures in the lower 90s and a heat index around 100 to 104. 

Cloud cover and rain would obviously put a huge damper on eclipse viewing, but the time of the day and summer weather pattern may work in our favor. On most summer afternoons, the sea breeze develops and pushes inland by the early to middle afternoon. While thunderstorms commonly form on the sea breeze, that activity typically pushes inland and allows skies to clear near the beaches. 

By late August, including eclipse day, activity from the tropics can sometimes be an issue. Since the late 1800s, 15 tropical storms and hurricanes have passed within 50 miles of Myrtle Beach on Aug. 21, so the odds are rare, but something that will need to watched. 

Even with cloudy skies though, the areas of the total eclipse - Georgetown and Williamsburg counties - will still have an amazing show. Cloudy skies during other total eclipses around the world have resulted in near-total darkness.

Some eclipse viewers have described a cloudy eclipse as so dark, it's difficult to walk or see your hand in front of your face.  

Of course the First Alert Weather Team will be pinpointing exactly what type of weather the region will be dealing with on eclipse day. 

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